There are three kinds of Black Belt courses. Depending on your ambition and previous education there will be a suitable course.

Black Belt courses

A Black Belt is a fully trained Lean Six Sigma professional, who views Continious Improvement of processes as a profession. There are several possibilities to becoming a certified Black Belt. Firstly, it can be done through our Black Belt Service sector or Black Belt Industrial Sector. Finally, at a University level we offer the Black Belt Excellence programme aimed at managers and consultants that work internationally where the working language is English. The Black Belt excellence program is provided in cooperation with the Rotterdam School of Management.

Which Black Belt course suits you best?

Which Black Belt course suits you, depends on your background, experience and ambition. All our Black Belt courses meet the international standards set for a Black Belt course. The main difference is in what features the course offers in addition thereto. The Black Belt Excellence Programme for instance will involve a lot of time is spent on developing leadership qualities. The Black Belt course for the Service sector offers the complete Black Belt curriculum with the specific possibility of following the course and practical assignment modularly. Read through the several Black Belt courses we offer to determine which course would suit you best.


Or starting your Black Belt training well-prepared? Please look at our online Yellow Belt training. In 10 lessons you will learn all you need to know about the most important methods, improvement techniques and definitions. Furthermore, you will learn about the technical jargon and you will know the business application of Lean Six Sigma within organisations.

This prior knowledge offers you the chance of focussing better on learning how to apply Lean Six Sigma in the field during the Black Belt course.

After a successful completion, you will also receive the official Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certificate.

The 3 types of Black Belt courses

During our Lean Six Sigma Black Belt courses, you will learn how to execute process improvement projects and initiatives at the highest level using Lean Six Sigma methods and tools. After completing the course, a Black Belt will be capable of defining and implementing process improvement proposals, based on data, which truly address the root causes behind process problems.

Black Belt Services

A Lean Six Sigma Black Belt is a Continuous Improvement professional who is an expert in optimizing processes on a project basis. The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course is suited for professionals with a keen interest in and affinity for process improvement. Preliminary experience in Lean Six Sigma (like a Yellow or Green Belt) is not necessary.

Black Belt Manufacturing

The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt for the industry is the course for anyone who wants to use Lean Six Sigma at the highest level to improve processes and for those who are not afraid of statistics.

Excelence Progamme

A Lean Six Sigma organization thrives on a collaborative effort. From leadership driving improvement initiatives, to specialists tackling process bottlenecks within projects,